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4xD - Audio samples

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All these samples were done using just the 4xD and an input sample.  More 'BBD-like' delay effects can be achieved by putting some distortion and/or filtering, or other lo-fi analog processing in the feedback loop.  The feedback loops can also be cross-patched between delay lines for more complex delays.  Your imagination is the limit!  I've kept it simple for these audio samples so you can get an idea of the sound of the 4xD itself.

Slow LFO modulating delay with looping speech sample.  [Single 4xD channel]
lfo_delay.mp3 (1.17 MB)

Same speech sample with manual tweaking of delay time and feedback.  I tweaked the delay time with an external MIDI control as this allows faster changes than using the rotary encoders (which are better for precise adjustments). [Single 4xD channel]
delay_tweakin.mp3 (1.51 MB)

Some more manual tweaking of delay times.  Double Delay mode is used here so the 2 channels share a common input (and buffer) and can then have up to 1340ms delay time each.  Digital feedback is used, and since they share a common input the feedback from either channel crosses over onto the other channel. [Two 4xD channels]
delay_tweakin_2.mp3 (2.61 MB)
Please excuse the nasty digital noise in the background of this sample!  I forgot to unplug the ICD2 from 4xD and so all the USB noise from the PC gets coupled into the earth of the audio system.

Stereo flanger with right channel LFO 10 degrees ahead in phase, using digital feedback to allow "to-zero" flanging (with analog feedback you always have the 0.5ms CODEC delay).  Towards the end the LFO is synced to MIDI clock at various timings.  [Two 4xD channels]
flanger.mp3 (2.41 MB)

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