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I originally planned to sell only the 4xD PCBs but since quite a few people asked if I can supply some of the less common parts I decided to put together some kit options.  None of the options are a complete kit as I don't want to spend the time counting out every last resistor, but kit (5) contains everything except the most readily available components.

I don't have any PCBs left now and it's unlikely that I will do another run.  Please consider the Digi-Mod instead which can do most of the things the 4xD can, plus a lot more.

Surface mount components

There are a fair few surface mount components in this project and, as I realise many people will not have stocks of these, kits (3), (4) and (5) contain all needed surface mount components.

There's nothing too microscopic, so with a bit of care it can all be hand soldered easily.  All resistors and capacitors are 0805 size which is pretty chunky by modern standards, and most ICs are 0.8mm pitch or bigger.  The exception is the CODEC ICs which are 0.65mm pitch (but only 28 pins) - they simply aren't available in any other package.  However, even these 0.65mm pitch parts are fairly easily soldered with the right technique.

You will definitely need some very fine no-clean solder and a no-clean flux you can apply directly to the PCB.  And you'll probably need some fine no-clean desoldering braid to remove any solder bridges between IC pins.  All of these things are available in the Optional Extras section below.

If you want to get an idea of the surface mount sizes involved, you can print this actual-size (at 300dpi) TIFF file of the component layout: pcb_components.tif.  In all there are 2x 1.27mm pitch ICs, 3x 0.8mm pitch ICs, 2x 0.65mm pitch ICs, 58x 0805 resistors/capacitors, and 3 SOT-23 transistors.  Everything else, including all the analog side of things, is thru-hole.


I'm not doing this to make lots of money - only because I love to create and share cool sonic toys.  For the kits I have added 20% to my cost price to cover my time in picking the components and to safeguard against any price rises.  All cost prices and supplier part numbers are listed below.

The only place where I will really make any money is for the pre-soldered and pre-programmed option.  The price reflects the fact that it will take quite a lot of time to solder all the SMT components and really I'd rather not be a factory worker ;)  For less than half of this price you can buy all the soldering materials and an ICD2 clone to program the PICs yourself - honestly SMT soldering's really not so scary .. go on, give it a try!  (And of course if you have an ICD2 you can program new software updates whenever they become available.)


Kits will be sent by either 1st Class (for UK) or Airmail post.  Since the maximum claim for loss of normal post is 30, unless you are only buying a PCB, I suggest you pay the additional amount for insurance/tracking of your order.  The shipping prices are in the Optional Extras section below.  I will ship everything promptly, although if you want the pre-soldered, pre-programmed option you will have to wait a bit longer.


If you're UK based I can accept payment by cheque or bank transfer, otherwise Paypal is easiest.  I have 2 Paypal accounts: a 'personal' which cannot accept payments originating from credit/debit cards, and a 'premier' which can accept all payments but charges me a fee.  If you want to pay from credit/debit card then you can calculate the fee below:


To make an order just email me at stating what you want and how you want to pay, and I'll send you the relevant payment details.

Kit options

(1) 30.00 PCB only
(2) 89.09 PCB + PICs + SRAMs + CODECs
(3) 93.79 PCB + PICs + SRAMs + CODECs + All other SMT components (transistors, resistors, capacitors) + PCB mount switches
(4) 100.45 PCB + PICs + SRAMs + CODECs + All other SMT components (transistors, resistors, capacitors) + PCB mount switches + Less common thru-hole capacitors + Crystal
(5) 122.37 PCB + PICs + SRAMs + CODECs + All other SMT components (transistors, resistors, capacitors) + PCB mount switches + Less common thru-hole capacitors + Crystal + All other ICs (OPA2340s, 6N139, LM317, 7805)

Please see the Optional Extras section below for shipping rates.

Kit contents and individual item cost prices

Part Rapid part no. Farnell part no. Qnty Price
(ex VAT)
(inc VAT)
In Kit 1 In Kit 2 In Kit 3 In Kit 4 In Kit 5 Notes
PCB 1 25.00 25.00 y y y y y
2K2 0805 SMT resistor 72-0817 3 0.008 0.03 y y y
10K 0805 SMT resistor 72-0867 16 0.008 0.15 y y y
47K 0805 SMT resistor 72-0947 2 0.008 0.02 y y y
100nF 0805 SMT ceramic cap 71-1380 24 0.017 0.48 y y y
1uF 0805 SMT ceramic cap 71-0509 12 0.017 0.24 y y y
2.2uF 0805 SMT ceramic cap 71-0510 1 0.034 0.04 y y y
470pF low K ceramic disc cap 08-1246 12 0.16 2.26 y y
1.5nF polypropylene cap 10-1435 4 0.17 0.80 y y
2.2nF polypropylene cap 10-1445 4 0.17 0.80 y y
2.7nF polypropylene cap 653196 4 0.094 0.44 y y
6.8nF polypropylene cap 10-1455 4 0.20 0.94 y y
dsPIC30F6012A-30I/PF 2 7.67 18.02 y y y y Price includes 12 Microchip delivery charge split over 8 ICs
PIC16F877A-I/PT 1 3.09 3.63 y y y y
IS62C1024AL-35QLI SRAM 1077672 2 6.67 15.67 y y y y
CS4272-CZZ CODEC 1023371 2 5.07 11.91 y y y y
OPA2340PA Opamp 1097472 8 1.81 17.01 y
6N139 1021341 1 0.49 0.58 y
LM317T 47-3318 1 0.32 0.38 y
7805 1102157 1 0.25 0.29 y
MMBT3904 SOT-23 NPN transistor 742960 3 0.073 0.26 y y y If MOQ not met, order Rapid 47-4132 instead
DPDT PCB mount slide switch 733581 2 0.82 1.93 y y y
SPDT PCB mount slide switch 733568 1 0.66 0.78 y y y Price is for RoHS compliant version, but will ship non-RoHS if available
25.000 MHz Crystal 90-3319 1 0.27 0.32 y y

Optional extras

Part Rapid part no. Farnell part no. Qnty Price
(ex VAT)
(inc VAT)
28swg no-clean SMT solder + 10g no-clean flux syringe 85-6276 1 7.40 8.70 Not RoHS compliant, price includes 1 extra shipping
0.8mm no-clean desoldering braid 85-0616 1 1.45 1.70
Spectrol 110E series rotary encoder 3282284 7 4.36 35.86
Spectrol 248 series 50K log pots 68-1294 4 1.86 8.74 I have a feeling a linear pot may work better - my experience using mine, which is built with log feedback pots, is that the useful feedback range tends to be bunched up the top end of the pot position.  So I'm going to ship linear feedback pots instead (p/n 68-1282).
7-segment LED display (green) 57-0246 1 1.15 1.35
7-segment LED display (red) 57-0240 1 1.15 1.35
All SMT components, ICSP headers, PCB mount switches pre-soldered, and PICs pre-programmed 1 100.00 100.00
Extra OPA2340PA Opamps for CV input option 1097472 2 1.81 4.25
Shipping to UK (value over 30 at own risk unless insurance option taken) 1 2.00 2.00
Shipping to Europe (value over 30 at own risk unless insurance option taken) 1 3.00 3.00
Shipping to Rest of World (value over 30 at own risk unless insurance option taken) 1 4.00 4.00
Shipping insurance / tracking 1 5.00 5.00 This is an extra cost added to the basic shipping price

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