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4xD - Source code

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Here is the latest 4xD software.  I have tested it and there appear to be no bugs, but it's always possible something slipped through - if you find anything that doesn't function as expected please let me know () and I will get it fixed ASAP.

These are complete directories containing all project/workspace files from MPLAB IDE v7.30.  If you are using a different version you may need to set up new projects/workspaces and just import the source files:  *.asm *.inc (PIC)  or  *.s *.dsinc *.gld (dsPIC).

This is the software for the user interface and MIDI functionality handled by the PIC16F877A:

This is the software for the DSP functionality handled by the 2x dsPIC30F6012A:

On line 99 you should set the constant WHICH_DSPIC to either 0 or 1 depending on which of the 2 dsPICs you are programming.

On line 116 constant MUTE_AUDIO_DURING_STARTUP should normally be set to 1, but I have left it at 0 for now so at least you will get some audio through even if there is a problem with the UI PIC starting up.  Once you have everything working you can set it to 1 to mute the audio until the stored settings are loaded.

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