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This is my Oakley Sound TB3031.  It's a great sounding 303 clone with some nice extras like sub-oscillator, filter-FM, overdrive, etc.  Unfortunately the PCBs have now run out and I'm not sure if Tony Allgood (of Oakley Sound) will be making any more - however you can purchase the schematics and PCB gerber plots from him to make your own PCB.

This 3031 has my own MIDI to CV converter based on the Fat Controller design and PCB.  It has been customised specially for the 3031 and has the following features:

The whole thing is housed in a 1U 19" rack mount case from Maplin Electronics (part no. N34AN, costs about 30) which has plenty of room for the MIDI to CV PCB (back left) and the mains transformer (back right).  The front panel was made by Schaeffer AG.

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