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Too many knobs to tweak?  Ever wish you had more hands?  The JoyKontrol allows control of up to 12 parameters with just 2 hands!  It has both analog CV outputs and MIDI output.

Each joystick is 3-axis (X - left/right, Y - up/down, Z - anti-clockwise/clockwise) and the MIDI output can be configured to send a different controller message for each direction of movement.  This allows up to 6 different MIDI parameters to be controlled from a single joystick.  (Keeping things purely in the analog domain there are 3 CV outputs per joystick.)

The joysticks used are hall effect devices, so there's no pot tracks to wear out (it's all done with magnetic fields).  They are typically used in industrial control, wheelchairs, etc. so they are very rugged - perfect for some hardcore tweaking!

The analog CV outputs go from -5V to +5V, centering at 0V.  The MIDI side of things is completely configurable:

The rear casing is kind of minimal! .. not designed for taking on the road, but fine for studio use - the stripboard is mounted via a bracket fixed by the CV output jack sockets.

Hooked up in the studio..

More ..