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The core of the NoizBox is a very cool, but simple circuit I found on Ray Wilson's Music From Outer Space website.  I had lots of fun playing around with the circuit on a breadboard so I decided to make a MIDI triggered version and added a MIDI-to-gate converter, ADSR envelope and VCA.  I've also been thinking about added a VCO at some point to make it more 'playable' over MIDI - currently only the rhythm can be controlled.

It makes some really quite interesting noises .. here you can listen to a short example.

The wooden case is actually an Ikea key cabinet that my wife bought to put keys in, but it got appropriated for a better use!  The front panel markings were printed from computer onto a piece of card which was then covered with sticky-back-plastic and PVA-glued onto the inset wooden panel.

The stripboard 'touchpad' on the right of the right panel was added to give some fingertip control over the second modulation source depth and frequency.  The top 10 strips are wired across the Mod 2 Off/On switch with 200K resistors in between each strip so as you slide your finger down from the top (or press harder) the Mod 2 switch becomes progressively more closed.  The bottom 6 strips are wired across the Mod 2 Frequency potentiometer, again with 200K resistors in between each strip and this time as you slide your finger up from the bottom (or press harder) the frequency gets higher.

The insides..

More ..