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On this page are a few synth related bits and pieces that I have for sale.  The prices do not include postage which will be charged at cost.  I will ship to anywhere in the world and can accept payments by PayPal or bank transfer.

If you want to buy something or have any questions, email me at:  

Pre-programmed PICs


Pre-programmed PICs

If you want to build one of my designs but don't have a PIC programmer I can supply pre-programmed PICs for any of the projects on this website (except surface mounted PICs).

Price: 15.00

Fat Controller PCBs

This is the PCB used for the Fat Controller, Drumbox MIDI to Trigger converter, and 3031 MIDI to CV converter.

I have sold out of these PCBs, but a limited number are available from Armand Goes in The Netherlands. Please email for more details.

You can also download the Gerber Files to make your own.

Box-O-Trix PCBs

This is actually 2 PCBs: a main board (281x98mm), and a board for the LEDs (98x41mm).  The PCBs are double sided, plated through hole, with soldermask and silkscreen position print.

These PCBs are sold out.