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On this page are a few synth related bits and pieces that I have for sale.  The prices do not include postage which will be charged at cost.  I will ship to anywhere in the world and can accept payments by PayPal or bank transfer.

If you want to buy something or have any questions, email me at:  

Pre-programmed PICs


Pre-programmed PICs

If you want to build one of my designs but don't have a PIC programmer I can supply pre-programmed PICs for any of the projects on this website (except surface mounted PICs).

Sold out.

Fat Controller PCBs

This is the PCB used for the Fat Controller, Drumbox MIDI to Trigger converter, and 3031 MIDI to CV converter.

I have sold out of these PCBs, but a limited number are available from Armand Goes in The Netherlands. Please email for more details.

You can also download the Gerber Files to make your own.

Box-O-Trix PCBs

This is actually 2 PCBs: a main board (281x98mm), and a board for the LEDs (98x41mm).  The PCBs are double sided, plated through hole, with soldermask and silkscreen position print.

Sold out.