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Following on from the 4xD, I got to thinking some more about the possibilities of digital processing and synthesis with the hands-on accessibility and immediacy of analog, particularly in the context of a modular synthesiser.  I wanted to create a general piece of hardware on which I could try out some of my software ideas.

So the Digi-Mod was born.  In contrast to the 4xD which has a digital display and rotary encoders, the emphasis for the Digi-Mod is on direct analog control - by CV/Gate and potentiometer/switch/button.  Having said that, it does also have plenty of digital I/O possibilities and with appropriate software there's no reason it can't be controlled digitally / over MIDI / etc.

So what's on board?

And all this on a compact 98mm x 105mm PCB which should fit into even the smallest format modular synth system.

There are no dependencies between components so, other than the dsPIC and power components, anything can be omitted if not required.  Below is my prototype board with no CV outputs or MIDI and only 8 out of the 12 CV inputs.

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